Saturday, 8 October 2011

My new crappy portrait

A few months ago, while wasting precious time on Twitter, I came across a tweet from the lovely A Thrifty Mrs (who also has an ace blog).  She was waxing lyrical about the wonders of a 'free crappy portrait' that she'd just been sent.  Now I'm never one to turn down a free experience so I immediately took a peek at their lovely website.  There is literally nothing better than people that accept photos and stories of strangers and then spend their spare time drawing rubbishy/hilarious pictures of them.  It makes me proud to be a human being. I submitted a photo of myself taken at the River Cottage Canteen and rambled on for a few hours about all my favorite things - dip and crisps, cider, my lovely ginger boyfriend, roast chicken, pumpkins, prawns, meringues and my fat goldfish Clementine.  

They do ask you to wait between one and one million days and I thought it would never arrive; but this morning instead of inbox stuffed only by Groupon - it was here!!

From this....

To this...

Oh, how I love it!  Much much better than I was expecting, plus the feast (minus the goldfish) looks really delicious.    I might also record the song, it will probably get to number one.


  1. It's FANTASTIC! I've sent off for my very own!!!

  2. Brilliant! Please share it when it arrives, hope it doesn't take one million days!! Also for those not wanting to wait for a portrait drawn by strangers I urge you to while away the hours on the site, guaranteed to make you giggle.

  3. That isn't just adorable, it is also AWESOME!