Thursday, 5 January 2012

Drum roll.......

It's midday, and this morning I have spent far too long chatting with my friend Kate over cups of tea and discussing the aspects of a perfect cinema (freshly baked cookies and blankets in case you are wondering). I do apologise because I know that you all have been waiting with bated breath to find out the answers of the Christmas Quiz - Food and Drink round as promised. The fact that I have inadvertently lost the piece of paper with the answers on shall not stop us, for it is in my brain - somewhere.

So here we go folks, 

1. What was number 1 in the Amazon cook-book bestseller list for 2011?
    River Cottage Veg Every Day

2. Which way do you stir the Christmas pudding mixture for good luck?

3. Translate these common food phrases into English...
a) Antipasto - Before the meal
b) A la carte - From the menu
c) Amuse Bouche - Mouth amuser or palate pleaser

4. How many bottles of champagne are there in a Jeroboam?

5. Apple or Tomato?
a. Honeycrisp - Apple
b. Mr Stripy - Tomato
c. Hank - Tomato
d. Rusty Coat - Apple

Mystery Rudolph Round 'Guess Who' - John Torode.  Jokes, it was of course the spoon gobbler himself - Mr Gregg Wallace.

So - did you get 10/10?  I'd be disappointed if you didn't. 

I am controversially going to announce Kavey as the overall winner. Controversially because she failed to answer any question and instead got everything mixed up.  It all ended with her explaining that it's not that odd that a tomato is called Hank because she has a friend, who had a friend, who kept a tomato as a pet. In a jar of water. For years. You literally couldn't make that stuff up. 

So for sheer amusement, I salute you Queen Kavey of Quiz Land. Here is your imaginary crown.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Let's get quizzical!

It has been tradition over the last three years that once the presents have been opened, the sitting room has been hoovered by Grumpy Dave (my dearest Dad) and we have gorged ourselves to oblivion, that Bo and I host The Christmas Quiz. It started the year that the two families joined forces at my parents house and because there was just too many people to agree on a film to watch after Christmas Dinner another activity was needed.  Being regulars at The Settle Inn Quiz most Sunday nights and continuing to go even though we have won twice in 8 years means that we are proper quizzers. This completely qualifies us to test the knowledge of our nearest and dearest, whether or not they want to is of no concern because they are too full to leave anyway.  It is also tradition that we start discussing the plans for the impending quiz in October, and then leave the writing of it until Christmas Eve.  Mild panic ensues, but this slightly shabby approach only adds to the charm.

The writing is split between our strengths, Bo is on Sport and The Mystery Rudolph Round and I am on Film and Television and of course, Food and Drink. Now I'm not saying that the questions on that round were dumbed down for the audience but lets just say with the amount that I read on the subject it could have been slightly trickier, though it's not festive to completely baffle the contestants and I like to give the gift of a few correct answers. This years competition between The Knocky Knees and The Bronze Boobies was the fiercest yet (quizzing just doesn't get tougher than this), and it was thinking caps on to win the coveted chocolate penny medals.

And now, dear readers, it's your turn. Below are the questions for the Food and Drink Round, and knowing you foodies I expect 10/10. Post your answers in the comments box and I will post the correct ones on Thursday morning. All of the chocolate penny medals have melted I afraid so you will just have to settle for a pat on the back and the knowledge that you could have beaten my family; who were rubbish. Good luck and no Google-ing!!

Food and Drink Round 2011

1. What was number 1 in the Amazon cook-book bestseller list for 2011?

2. Which way do you stir the Christmas pudding mixture for good luck?

3. Translate these common food phrases into English;
a. Antipasto
b. A la carte
c. Amuse Bouche

4. How many bottles of champagne are there in a Jeroboam?

5. Apple or Tomato?
a. Honeycrisp
b. Mr Stripy
c. Hank
d. Rusty Coat

Oh and for an bonus point I'll give you one of the Guess Who pictures from the Mystery Rudolph Round.

Happy New Year to you all, Emma xx

P.S If you love a good quiz, and are a bit of a food geek, I highly recommend the Radio 4 Food Programme Christmas and New Year Food Quiz. They do it properly (unlike me) with questions centered around Elvis's favorite recipes and rounds such as 'Ale or Racehorse'. Hosted by food writer Tim Hayward; whom I have so much love for after reading about him saving Fitzbillies, an adored Cambridge cake shop.